This is our Dress Rehearsal for the BIG Event which will happen later in the Holiday Season. (Stay tuned on the Black Ink Mysteries page for that announcement later in the year!!!)

Tickets are donation based, and we recommend that you donate at least $30 per person to help cover the expenses of production. If you are able to donate more, we THANK YOU for that!

Funds collected will help cover:
– the Dossier mailings to all the players
– the catering (chef, helpers, food costs)
– printing and production of the game pieces (booklets, clues, an enigma machine…and more!)
– the take-home gift props
– rent for the space
– and other associated costs.

We're limiting the tickets to 50 for this “Dress Rehearsal”.

There will be art on display the entire month of July at Imagine Coffee, and some of that art will be up for sale with half the sale price going to the artist, and the other half to our 501(c)(3) beneficiary The Business Enterprise Center.

Please share this event with everyone you know who would be interested in playing this updated version of the Caper we produced in Portland last year! (We had 100 players in that one! Yowser!!!)