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PUSH me.

I found this video moving, and appropriate for me given the major changes my life is going through at this time. As I said in my post on… PUSH | me. I promise to push...

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THE INTERSECTION | of art and science education I love this video about a project in NYC where a forward-thinking-acting-being teacher is part of a program called Science Genius where science education is being embodied in rap…the language of these...

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From 0 to 214 in 5 Days!

I'm beginning to really enjoy Facebook on a whole ‘nother level above my already appreciating its ability to get people connected. Seven days ago, I launched a Facebook page to promote and sell my grandfather's important, and rare, book “Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux”. The only other page I'd worked with (it was created by the fine folks at Bonfire Media) prior to this, was the one for for Gary R. Moor's sci-fi novels. Gary's page Fanship grew to over a hundred in the matter of a few days just off the tiny bit of effort I...

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I have a New Title

It's “Human”. Seems to be such a simple thing to recognize and know about oneself, doesn't it? I've an idea for my business/name cards and am looking forward to getting them designed and produced. T'will be a surprise until then, eh? I'm so looking forward to sharing them with you… Namaste,...

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