Ways I identify my Self in the world include:

  • Mother to fabulous children (biological and otherwise)
  • Artist with an insatiable thirst for exploring and experimentation
  • Entrepreneur with a bent for creative pursuit
  • Student of living life to its fullest
  • Loyal friend and confidant
  • Perhaps even Healer – to my self and others

I'm old enough to know that those are only useful when trying to categorize my Doing self.

Who I am, really, I don't know. What I dig Being however, is love…
And that, dear reader, is what inspires and motivates me…love.

My mantra is my guiding belief system, and is borne of my need for giving and receiving love, to people who are just who they are int he moment that I know them. It is…

All is as it is. I love, I am loved, I am a conduit for love. I walk with extraordinary companions, and will until the end of my days.

So, perhaps that is all there is to know “About Adrienne”.

Then again, perhaps not…

Check out this presentation I did in 2008 at the 2nd IgnitePortland! event at the Baghdad Theater to 750+ audience members. Although I was scared from the ends of my hair to the tips of my toes I thought it was important to do this presentation to get over my stage fright (which I still have although this one event made me realize the importance of my continuing to make presentations in the face of my fear)…

And here's the slide show that goes with that presentation:

[hana-code-insert name='Ignite Slideshow' /]

Below you'll find links to other bits about me. Some of what I share over time may be shocking or disturbing to some – not in a graphic or grotesque sort of way – rather the topics themselves and the telling of my stories. I share my personal stories not to shock or hurt anyone, rather to give you tales that might inspire you to take action in your own lives, families, neighborhoods. Doesn't matter if that action is as simple as greeting your neighbor for the first time since you've moved in, or volunteering at a soup kitchen – to some of the more dramatic responses like telling a trusted individual about a secret you've kept most of your life and asking for help in recovering from it. Any action toward a positive outcome is an important one, a welcome one, and the time to take it is now…

Let's take some time together here and see what we discover. Share your thoughts and experiences, ask me questions, request resources. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.




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