Well, for my 50th birthday celebration—in addition to all the FUN and JOY everyone brought with them, my friends were so generous and together contributed $285 toward the trip!!! Yay!!! And THANK YOU!!!  (Please Pledge to our trip here too! http://adriennefritze.com/04-projects/get-us-to-the-work-of-art-audition-on-time )

We had too much yummylicious food, just enough cake and ice cream – a PLETHORA of a-maz-ing conversations – for hours on end! Everyone sang me a FAB Happy BDay song, Ms. Melinda Pittman sang the “AARP” song (which I love, and cannot believe DESERVE already!), and then I was humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing array of gifts and wonderful wishes from everyone who attended. I've posted pictures on Facebook,  and if you’re not on Facebook, I’ve posted the images on Flickr.

I’ll be throwing another party when Col and I return from LA to update everyone on the “final results” – and if you’re on Facebook, Colwyn and I will be updating our profiles and Pages to keep you abreast of the haps!

Now for the Resource and Fund Raising, “Get Us to the Audition On Time”, Update.

NOTE: If you want just the “bare bones” facts (i.e. the numbers), go to the end of this. Otherwise, I invite you to read about how your Pledges will be used…

So, you know $285 was contributed to the trip at my 50th, and a bit more came in today. That covers the cost of the CAR RENTAL ( we couldn’t find a loaner vehicle, so I worked with Enterprise and they gave me a good deal on a roomy, gas friendly car for an 8-day trip).

Next item we want to check off our list is GAS to get us there, around LA, and back again. So doing the math of the trip (the loooonnnnngggggg trip) it’s a 2000 mile round trip, plus all the driving we’ll be doing in LA to get to the audition, the galleries, to visit our friends (with cats – so no staying overnight with those folks…. L), take in some sights, etc., so let’s say another 500 miles for grins and giggles. The car gets 40 mpg on the highway, less in the city, so we’re thinking 30 mpg average. That’s 83 gallons, so we’re going to round up and say we need 100 gallons of gas to do all this. Looks like gas is running an average of $3.50 down there, so we need another $350 to fuel the trip. (Isn’t it FUN doing math problems with Adrienne?!?)

We also need to FUEL OURSELVES, and pick up any incidentals we might need. We’ll pack a cooler, but know we’ll want to visit an In-and-Out, need to eat something at DisneyLand, and will probably want to experience some of the other cuisine offered in the area. I think Mr. C and I can get away with $240 max for that ($30/day for 8 days).

And, finally, the cost to produce the PORTFOLIOS will run about $384 for 12 books.

We’re seriously banking on being able to find a dry and safe place to rest our heads, but if we’re somehow not able to do that we’re bringing our tent and sleeping bags. (Dear Great Spirit – please guide us to a friendly home with a lovely couch or bed or two??? :D)

So, totaling our budget for this trip, we’re anticipating these costs:

Expense Amounts
Car Rental $290
Gas $350
Food $240
Portfolio $384
TOTAL $1,264
Recv'd <$315>
2B RAISED $949

Please know that every little bit that you are able to Pledge*, even $5, will go to getting us there to do the job we’re intent on doing.

*It's a Pledge, because you get something of value in return – either for yourself or to be contributed to your favorite charity! Check out the “Trades” here: http://adriennefritze.com/04-projects/get-us-to-the-work-of-art-audition-on-time

Remember, any amount you offer is welcome.

And if you have resources that would fulfill on our needs (like the loan of an extra car you may have), we’ll be happy to accept those in trade as well!!!

So, please help us get to LA for this wonderful adventure that’s a celebration of my 50th birthday (Really? Seriously, I’m 50 now?!? Sheesh!)

Thank you again for the well wishes, and for supporting my mission!

With love,