I have never had a problem staying busy. Or being energetic (I'm often referred to as the Energizer Bunny in my social circles. Heh!). The issue was my inability to focus on a category of activity that fed and enlivened me. It drove my community and I insane.

It's AMAZING to be truly focused on a single activity, born of an inspiring STRATEGY (yes – for those of you who have worked with me, or taken one of my classes – it all starts with your strategy!). Together they form my own personal unified field theory. But, I'm jumping ahead a bit…

Sometime earlier in the year I realized that my old strategies for work and life were no longer appropriate for me. Like my former husband, I never quit. Even when it would be the best thing for all involved. So, the strategy with which I began 2010 was “Quitting”. Ugh. How distasteful that thought was for me…

Quitting carries with it a “loser with a big L” connotation – unless you think of it in terms of addiction.

Addictions leave the addict depleted, feeling hopeless and at odds with everything, with the addict wagering her resources in a game that strongly favors the house. An addict is unable to break free of the thinking and doing that ensures she remains an addict (remember this home-spun saying: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome?).  What I saw was my addiction to serve others at the expense of my own well being. (One might think of that particular addiction as a “Joan of Arc Syndrome.”)

In this context, quitting makes sense. The question then became, what do I quit?

I started the year with everything I was already doing intact, however I chose to mentally and emotionally step back and observe my life from a detached and compassionate perspective.

What I saw was a brilliant, likable, talented woman engaged in a whirlwind of activity, with commitments tied together by a common theme – a theme that was admirable, but drained everything vital from her life: energy, focus, time, money. It looked like an out-of-control merry-go-round ride, one that left the me I was observing nauseous, bankrupt, green around the gills, and exhausted, and it was clear I wanted off that ride but didn't know how, or even that I could.

Thank goodness for the other people in my life. Once I saw what they already knew it was just a matter of eliminating some things, modifying how I was doing others, and following my own advice and training. 😀

My new lifestyle is a lot more fun. It has an ambiguous emotional nature to it, unchained as it were – resembling a bird in flight more than an infinite, tight, circular ride to nowhere…while sporting some hardcore focus with respect to my professional to-do's.

The strategy that's emerged can be summed up in these words: irresistible, magical, remarkable. The words are now my litmus test for everything I do in this next year – and represent my aspirations, and the aspirations of the people in my life—family, friends, clients, co-creators.

You'll find me deeply engaged in these activities:

  1. Collating, arranging, producing, marketing and distributing my artistic work, and the works of my immediate family;
  2. Marketing the work of my co-creators for whom I have a deep affinity, as well as the work products of my clients in Marketing Moxie.

Everything else comes after those two are on solid footings, humming along smoothly and producing levels of support that leave all involved fulfilled.

That feels remarkable, magical and completely irresistible.