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Being Farmer

I woke up this morning with an entire schematic for the 96 acres on which we live and work in my thoughts. The extraordinary aspect of this is not the vision, rather that I woke up with it clearly in my mind, and that it is a thing I own. Somewhere in the middle of last night and the past 5 years I have become Farmer. Who'dda thunk?...

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Admiration for the Work of Korean Artist Jee Young Lee

The work of artist Jee Young Lee was posted by my dear friend, Randy Sellars, on his Facebook page (I love it when my artistic friends share their discoveries of other artists whose work inspires them in some way, and this woman's work is certainly that—inspiring). The story Randy posted may be found here: BORED PANDA – AND – if you live in, or are visiting, Opio France go see the exhibition up close and in person at Opiom Gallery and the artist's exhibit entitled STAGE OF MIND which opens on Valentine's Day 2014 and closes March 15,...

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