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Galleries Updated – A’s England, 48

I've added a few new images to the A's England collection, resized and watermarked all the images in the gallery. Will add these to my CafePress store a bit later. Everything will be available as prints, note cards, and more. The pricing and shopping cart information was updated for 48, along with a few of the thumbnail...

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More Website Changes

Yesterday I spent much of my work day: adding new pages and content; getting plugin updates to keep the site running smoothly; adding a couple of new plugins to make the site more efficient and seo optimized; continue to tweak the background images (I'm still not satisfied); updated the Intense Debate plugin so now if you comment you can add smilies, YouTube vidoes, add an instant video response, and more; added SEO Smart Links (but I'm still not sure how that works); updated the eStore and Affiliate plug-ins (you can make money as my Affiliate!!! To sign up CLICK...

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Sometimes the Universe Takes a Sledgehammer to Your Head

Ever had that kind of feeling where circumstances seem to line up in a way that a critical message is being delivered? That maybe it's been being delivered for a long time, and it's had to get increasingly amplified, intensely obvious, for you to hear it? And it's not just you who is hearing it – the people around you hear it too, probably long before you did… Yeah. Me too. For me the message is coming through the deaths of family and community members. It's not an unusual thing for people left in the wake of personal loss...

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