I’m beginning to really enjoy Facebook on a whole ‘nother level above my already appreciating its ability to get people connected.

Seven days ago, I launched a Facebook page to promote and sell my grandfather’s important, and rare, book “Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux”. The only other page I’d worked with (it was created by the fine folks at Bonfire Media) prior to this, was the one for for Gary R. Moor’s sci-fi novels. Gary’s page Fanship grew to over a hundred in the matter of a few days just off the tiny bit of effort I applied to his project.

From that, I knew I wanted to do a similar thing for “Quest”. It was so cool putting the page together, adding a tab that directs folks to my wesbite where they can purchase the book. 2 books sold that first day when there were less than 50 Fans of the page. Now it has 214 Facebook Fans in the 5 days that I have actively been posting to the page and asking people to “LIKE” it.

Seem like its not a lot? Consider, the narrow subject matter – Sioux spirituality – self-published. Not bad methinks…and the process has just begun…

If you’re on Facebook, search for “Quest for the Pipe” and go take a look, LIKE it, and if the subject matter seems interesting to you, click on the “Purchase” tab and come visit the site to buy your own copy. Or just click on the LIKE button below. 😉

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Um, just digging on technology bigtime.