Day 4. Or is it 5? 12 even? All I know this is the most time I’ve ever spent on building out the frame of my website, and its content. Yowser! I’m really loving this!!

And what’s super crazy is that I’ve not even gotten to photographing and adding all the undocumented work yet (about 50 or so completed assemblages, extreme collages, and doodles), let alone shooting the “in progress” work I have (another dozen or so?). Oh, and tediously editing older images (pixel by pixel in some cases) to clean them up and get them ready for posting.

The good news is that processing all those images for this website, as well as the retail places, will go a lot faster than it has over the past week or so. Then will come the text-based content. Lots and lots of it. In a year I should have enough material for at least two books!

I am liking the look of the site, and hope that it’s fairly easy to figure out navigationally. (If it isn’t, I discovered a plug-in that creates a dynamic site-map, so if you go lost click on SITEMAP in the navigation bar.)

My biggest challenges have been integrating eStore, NextGen, and the Caching plug-ins. I’ve had to tweak a lot of code, clean up a couple of templates, and most time-consuming searching the web for solutions to a plethora of other problems. Oh, and today the world upgraded our wordpress platforms to 3.0. I LOVE IT!

So, here are the pages I worked on today and yesterday:

And here are the sidebar and page/post plug-ins I added:

  • NextGen Widget (sidebar galleries)
  • WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT (sidebar story links)
  • Custom Menu (sidebar store links)
  • LinkedIn Share Button (in posts and pages)
  • Table of Contents Creator (site map)

And, of course, here are the offsite stores:

Eventually I’ll get to some real story telling with the newer projects, especially “Uncover Our Hearts” and “My Body Project” (which will have an addition to it – a little game a friend and I came up with for me called “75 Artworks, 75 Pounds” – details to be announced in a couple of weeks).

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at getting all this content gussied up and out into the world.

Hope you’re up to something you’ve really wanted to do for awhile too!



WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVTWordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT