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Kimberli Ransom is laying out her journey of she and her community’s response to the cancer that’s invaded her body. Through blog posts and a shared artistic chronicle that her fellow photographers and artists have taken on with her, Kimberli is staring the disease square in the face and challenging our view of what could be a devastating expereince.

The project is entitled “Finding Beauty in Cancer” the culmination of which will result in a stunning book and gallery exhibit meant to raise awareness and funds for working artists struggling with this dis-ease.


Writes Kimberli on her site, “I wonder about how it will feel to have a blank canvas. To have no hair, no breasts and changes in my body from chemo, double mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation and possible hysterectomy. Will I still be beautiful? What forms of beauty will I find in other people and things during my process.”

Since writing that Kimberli and Friends have blown the lid off of what the face of cancer looks like.

Check out the most recent posting, Hard Candy :: http://friendsofkimberli.com/week-16-hard-candy-shoot/

And the more serious, Cancer Reflected :: http://friendsofkimberli.com/week-16-hard-candy-shoot/

And one of my very favorite shoots, the Peacock :: http://friendsofkimberli.com/week-8-peacock-shoot/

As a self-employed artist, Kimberli is facing an additional burden beyond cancer — mounting medical bills. Please visit her blog site chronicling her pathway through responding to the cancer and donate to either or both these funds:

Medical Fund :: http://friendsofkimberli.com/how-you-can-help/

Book and Gallery Exhibit Fund :: http://friendsofkimberli.com/donate-to-the-book-and-gallery-show/

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