Yesterday I spent much of my work day:

  • adding new pages and content;
  • getting plugin updates to keep the site running smoothly;
  • adding a couple of new plugins to make the site more efficient and seo optimized;
  • continue to tweak the background images (I’m still not satisfied);
  • updated the Intense Debate plugin so now if you comment you can add smilies, YouTube vidoes, add an instant video response, and more;
  • added SEO Smart Links (but I’m still not sure how that works);
  • updated the eStore and Affiliate plug-ins (you can make money as my Affiliate!!! To sign up CLICK HERE. The base share of general sales is 5%, but I have a fund-raising campaign coming up soon and you’ll be able to make up to $500 if your referral contributes $10k to the UNCOVER OUR HEARTS project!)

Peppered with other things like:

  • managing dozens and dozens of incoming messages, and sporadically posting incoming info for artists to my Facebook pages;
  • making arrangement for my brother’s upcoming trip to Minneapolis for his company Horizon instrument Group for which I am the new marketing department;
  • working on the questionnaire that will go out to working artists via my web portals to help in the growth and management of both the Working Artists Network AND the businesses of the working artists participating in WAN;
  • responding to some of my Mom’s needs (she is functionally blind, but mentally darn near 100%, so assisting her is critical in exercising that amazing brain of hers!)
  • and just in general handling whatever thing comes my way.

🙂 – smiling to myself and appreciating this wonderful life I get to live.