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CORVALLIS ARTS WALK | 15 June, 4-8:00 pm
Wellsher Hallway Gallery, 460 Madison Avenue (2nd floor)


introducing a new work & 2 repaired pieces

On Gem Laden Wings,
I Carry Thee

Inspired by My Catholic Upbringing Thru the Divine Nature of My Mom

Adrienne Fritze

I miss my Mom more than any soul departed. “You's is a good kid, Enger,” resonated as the bedrock of her affection and camaraderie, spoken to me since my earliest days in school. It derived from the faith instilled in her upbringing: Catholicism.

To me, this piece embodies the gentle embrace of a guardian angel, leading my dearest dame, Jean Marie, towards the mysterious realm that is now hers


460 SW Madison Avenue, Suite 16
Corvallis OR 97333 USA
(541) 250-2027

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Sunday: Noon – 6 | Holidays: Closed